About Me...Sada Vee

Growing up with fashion-forward entrepreneurial grandmothers and a mother who never saw an outfit she couldn’t recreate at home, my fascination with  style began long ago.

This obsession has never waned. I studied journalism in college/university, and somehow, without intent, ended up writing about fashion. Genetics maybe?

I believe some people are innately blessed with style and others not so much—but anyone can have it and everyone should! I also think I just ripped off a George Michael song...

Style crosses cultures, race, gender and class and is reflected in everything from fashion, to food, to our personal definitions of fun. 

The pursuit of personal style can be difficult. But regardless of size, age, shape and income ...everyone has the choice to look their best every day. 

Find help and inspiration here. We can define personal style together. Join me and let's start a style revolution!

Thank you for visiting. I am honoured by each and every follower or comment that I might receive.

Why not look your best every day?

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