Thursday, March 31, 2011

Set Sail with Nautical Dresses

Let me first say, I'm not a big fan of the nautical look.
It is a style that can go very wrong, very easily. 
I shudder to think leaving home resembling
 Mrs Howell or Muffy Regatta Queen of the Seas.

About $70US ModCloth's All for Nautical Dress

 When considering the nautical look, I say
 Be Ye Warned! 
There's a fine line between looking ship-shape 
and being made to walk the plank. 

Elwood Hardline Vintage Black & White Stripe Knit Dress, $90AU at Surf Stitch

I think this collection of dresses is dreamy. 
And although they might fit loosely into a nautical theme,
 my hope is that all of you Dressologists 
make the look your own

Milly Lace-up Cotton Blend from The Outnet on sale now

Throw overboard any notion of navy blazers with gold buttons, penny loafers and straw hats.
 Instead go full speed ahead with the unexpected

Secret Squirrel Lagoon Halter Dress at BirdMotel about $185AU

Combine with fitted leather jacket, leggings, bedazzled sky-high stilettos or chunky ankle boots
You get the picture! Think Anti-Sailor Sailor...

Sexy Printed Cotton Caftan, Victoria's Secret, $59US

Zing some bold personal style into it and 
you will avoid looking like a prop on Gilligan's Island and
instead will be ready for smooth sailing ahead.

Forever 21 Navy & Gray T-shirt Dress, $17US

Kate Sylvester Fredrica Dress at Fashion Artiste $142AU

Thankfully I'm well-and-truly out of 
horrible seafaring cliches...
Ahoy, Matey.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Gotta Have at Least ONE...The Shirt Dress!

The Shirt Dress is 
a timeless & polished wardrobe basic 
that will go the distance.

Allow your fashion personality to shine by selecting a style from the diverse options
that perfectly reflects you.

Therese Rawsthorne Pin Tuck Silk & Wool Shirt Dress at Fashion Artiste $517AU

Old Navy Chambray Shirt Dress, $29.50US

Lonely Hearts long-sleeve option $439AU at Maximillia
Atomic Red This is Genenieve $310AU at Runway Girl

Asos Midi Check Shirt Dress, on sale for $54US

Wish Vermont shirtdress at igedo $130AU

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dress of the Week: One-of-a-Kind Vintage

One can never go wrong with 
One-of-a-Kind Vintage Style.

Get it quick....only $53AU at The Vintage Dress
The details: 80s vintage dress with stylish tailoring, zip-up back and strap feature accent at the waist. 
Estimated size: 10-12 Condition: Good.
From The Vintage Dress.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maxi Skirt LOVE, Maxi Dress...not so much

Confession time...I loathe the maxidress. 
I cannot wait for the trend to go away. It is, in my opinion, 
the modern-day muumuu. 
There have been too many examples 
of the maxi dress worn badly for too many seasons 
and it has made me maxi-bitter.

Not every trend should be embraced by every one...

AAAhhhhhhhh......Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

That said, can I please share my unreasonable 
affection for the maxi skirt? Yes, you need some height to carry it off, but I am in love x 1million.

Aiko Drawstring Maxi about $140US from Saks Fifth Avenue
Desert Florals Maxi Skirt at Free People about $95AU

Tube Maxi Skirt by KJ Kirrily Johnston $198AU at
Rag & Bone Bequia at Saks about $511AU

The best advice I've seen on maxi skirts? 
The look already has a Woodstock vibe, 
so keep more city, less hippy. 

I think another good tip is to 
avoid solid's just too heavy. 

And unless you're approaching 6 feet tall, less than 100 pounds and often mistaken for a runway hottie, a fitted top (and if the season allows bare arms) are necessito to give the look some shape

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Friday, March 25, 2011

In Tribute

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor 
February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011
Cleopatra, 1963

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dressology Hall of Fame

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." —Coco Chanel

At any other moment I would agree 
with Miss Coco wholeheartedly. 

But there is a certain sumthin-sumthin' 
about this dress 
that tells me 
that the whole of what is style
—and fashion—
exists completely and entirely 
in this dress.

Atonement was released about 5 years ago....
but this dress keeps giving.

And therefore the first in 
Dressology's Hall of Fame.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review: Harpers Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age

Harper’s Bazaar 
Fabulous at Every Age your Quick & Easy Guide to Fashion
Nandini D’Souza & Jenny Barnett
Hearst Books, 189 pages

I was tackled and hog-tied by insomnia last night. In no doubt due to the multiple giant MUG-o-ramas of coffee I poured down my gullet late in the day. At 213am I woke up not only bright-eyed, but relatively bushy-tailed.

My brain, however, was unable to cope with reading anything with a plot and no identifiable amount of caffeine, desperation, or cash will get me to watch JerseyTrash or Kendra and her ilk on the tube.

So, I chose from the ever-multiplying teetering stack of style and fashion books I’m working my way through. Harper’s Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age 
Your Quick & Easy Guide to Fashion.

My love for Harper’s Bazaar is long held. It was my first fashion magazine and remains one of 
my absolute favorites

I blasted through this book in a little over an hour. I examined every page but spent most of my time studying my "age category." Sadly, I didn’t learn much. I formed an idea or two for a couple outfits, but I get that from an average magazine. I wouldn't consider it a "Guide" 
or much of a How-to source.

It’s a beautiful book to look through, but unlike competing books in this genre, it is light on new information on age-appropriate style. Also disappointing is the lack of informational credits on designers or where to buy.  

Unless you are after an expensive hardback magazine, I have found more helpful books in the category of fashion and personal style. I expect more from HB.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

H&M Goes Green for Spring Summer 2011

Just found this post on a great blog out of Greece 
called Lifestyle Geek

It's about H&M's Conscious Collection for Spring/Summer 


Someone doing something 
green & fabulous in Fashion

I love that it's industry leader H&M.

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50 Bags that Changed the World

Fifty Bags That Changed the World 
by Design Museum will be 
released April 5, 2011. 

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Workin' the Colorblock Trend

I love when a trend surfaces that is completely wearable in day-to-day life. 

And I am loving the colorblocking thing. 
It's modern, youthful & fresh.

As always, the best way to work a trend is in a way that makes you feel 
comfortable and contemporary.

Here are some options, 
available in shops now.

Jayson Brunsdon Barbados Dress in Peach, $89AU at

Milly Imara Jacquard Dress at Nordstrom $420AU

Glanz dress $158US at Anthropologie

Jardin Des Orangers Colorblock Cashmere Dress at

Herve Leger  Angled Bandage Colorblock Dress on sale for $199

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Monday, March 21, 2011

What the Heck, Nine West?!

I heart Nine West, I really do. 
Without trying, I can fall in love with three or four of 
their goodies at a time.

So the 20% off sale sign was a Siren call...

I had less than 5 minutes to decide, so I opted for two delicious pair of can't-go-wrong ballet flats—
one black pair and one pink.

Pair 1: Gorgeous "Pink" metallic Nine West Flats

Yesterday I wore the black pair for three hours. In that time I lost four of the large glass beads that bling up these bejewelled ballet babies.

That averages as 1.25-ish jewels per hour, if my math is right (which it usually isn't).

Pair 2: Have not held up to my Nine West expectations!

One escaping gem was recovered when my husband graciously chased it bouncing, rolling and clinking through the crowded mall! Which, in & of itself was so funny to watch, it might've been worth the cost of the shoes...

Miraculously I kept the receipt. I'm not a big returner or exchanger, but I love these all-purpose-sparklers, so I'm going to make my way to Nine West for a chat.

Hope they do right by me.

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Dress of the Week: Calvin Klein

I couldn't love this dress more if it was 
hand-delivered by Mr. Klein himself.

Nordstrom $125AU

The details: Shades of Indigo highlight a dress designed with a pleated bodice and banded empire waist above a gently flared skirt. Back zip, unlined, cotton & spandex.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

ShopVu: Birdsnest

Photo: Birdsnest Logo

I found Birdsnest a few months ago and was intrigued, I had to buy something so I could honestly write about the complete online retail experience. 

The perfect excuse to shop, right?

The Birdsnest website is clever and easy to navigate. Shop by brand, color, shape, outfit, personality, occasion, and personal fave....SALE!) In fact, the home page has so many options, it could be a little overwhelming—or an adventure!

Photo: Birdsnest Website

Once inside, thumbnails are a tiny bit small but the excellent quality of the the photos work well to compensate. I also appreciate that with one-click all the detailed information on the item is available as are the enlarge and zoom features.
Firefly Dress at Birdsnest $89.95
Perhaps the best feature is at check out, up pops a screen with recommendations to complete your outfit! I bought a gorgeous Firefly dress and up popped photos for coordinating sandals, necklace and hand bag. The clever girls at Birdsnest help complete the look.

With Jag, Esprit, Wish, Metalicus, Howard Showers and many others, the diversity of brands & styles makes Birdsnest appealing to a wide range of shoppers. I didn’t see a dress for more than $300, making it a fun and affordable shop especially with the summer sale on now  For those living near Canberra, there is a shop in Cooma NSW.

Birdsnest is based in Australia, shipping globally. I ordered on Sunday, Monday was  a public holiday—I had my parcel in hand Tuesday morning! I also had a super friendly email with tracking details and a link to a return form (2 weeks) if all is not perfect. Shipping is $10.95 express within Australia, $17.95 internationally with combined postage available.
My lovely parcel, received overnight!

My gorgeous dress came in a reusable canvas bag with Birdnest logo. The girls included a handwritten note and a loyalty card entitling shoppers to a free gift once they’ve spent $500! These girls have thought of it all. 

I am a blackhearted customer service tyrant...and the Birdsnest girls have melted me. I am now a loyal, loving & completely won-over customer for life.

Because this is such a LoveFest, here are my few things I could come up with to whine about, and believe me, I had to ponder:
1. No Paypal? Maybe I missed it...
2. The Contact Us button doesn’t link  to an email. A pet peeve of mine—don’t make me copy and paste, or heaven forbid, type an email address. 
3. The link to Suppliers came up with empty page—take it down or fill it up, I say.

 Big deal, right?

 I have a feeling if the girls at Birdsnest read this, it will be fait accompli within the week. Then, Birdsnest really will be the perfect online shopping experience

4.999 out of 5