Monday, March 21, 2011

What the Heck, Nine West?!

I heart Nine West, I really do. 
Without trying, I can fall in love with three or four of 
their goodies at a time.

So the 20% off sale sign was a Siren call...

I had less than 5 minutes to decide, so I opted for two delicious pair of can't-go-wrong ballet flats—
one black pair and one pink.

Pair 1: Gorgeous "Pink" metallic Nine West Flats

Yesterday I wore the black pair for three hours. In that time I lost four of the large glass beads that bling up these bejewelled ballet babies.

That averages as 1.25-ish jewels per hour, if my math is right (which it usually isn't).

Pair 2: Have not held up to my Nine West expectations!

One escaping gem was recovered when my husband graciously chased it bouncing, rolling and clinking through the crowded mall! Which, in & of itself was so funny to watch, it might've been worth the cost of the shoes...

Miraculously I kept the receipt. I'm not a big returner or exchanger, but I love these all-purpose-sparklers, so I'm going to make my way to Nine West for a chat.

Hope they do right by me.

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  2. I love the first pair... the bows make them so darn cute..

  3. Oh no! (tear) I love Nine West as well. What a tragedy! But at least you kept your receipt.