Saturday, April 30, 2011

Instant Celebrity Style

Pair aviator sunglasses with the 
dress of your choice and turn ho-hum into HOT! 

Jen Aniston rockin' it out in Avi's

Ms. Walsh stylish in her sunnies

Mama Joie-Pitt workin' the look

A classic look that never fails.

RayBans rock but Urban Boundaries is the new go-to for Avi's.

Check out their hip offerings and even hipper discount at

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What's Old is New Again...Part Deux

There's a bit of 50s, 60s & 70s in this 
gathering of vintage-inspired beauties. 

Each brings with it a contemporary, modern twist.

How would you style and make these looks your own?

Asos Flower Embroidered 50s Dress, approx $115US

ModCloth's Honolulu Holiday Dress, approximately $160US

Mrs Press sleeveless Stell Dress, approximately $270AU

Net-a-Porter vintage-inspired by Steven Alan, Louisa Plaid, approximately $300US

Rebecca Minkoff at Revolve Clothing, approximately $295US

Nordstrom Laurence Dolige, approximately $135US

One Lovely Blog Award

There's nothing better than being called "Lovely!"

I'd like to thank Dora over at uber-fab Blog, A Drop of Indigo for awarding Little Ole Me and DressologyHQ the One Lovely Blog Award!!

Upon receiving this award, I'm meant to tell readers seven things about myself and pay it forward to 15 deserving bloggers. I recently listed seven thing about myself...and frankly I'm not that interesting to do it again! If at all interested, have a look here: My Seven Things.

My blogger list is small, but powerful. I award 
the following (check them out, they're pretty awesome):

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newspaper Nails...SO COOL!

This is so gorgeous and fun, you must check it out!

Photo: Trash Fashion Blog

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What's Old is New Again...Part One

There is nothing better than a dress that looks like it was inherited—passed down through the generations. 

Authentic vintage clothing is amazing, however, my heart beats even faster for a dress that looks retro, but is indeed....brand new!

Here are some beauties that make 
my heart skip a beat.

Shabby Apple's Blackberry Pie Dress, approximately $32US

Sweet Alma's Pink Sparrow Madison Dress, approximately $45AU

Erdem Mette silk-embroidered Dress, Browns Fashion approximately $4,000US

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Review: The Towering World of Jimmy Choo

The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Glamourous Story of Power, Profits, and the Pursuit fo the Perfect Shoe
by Lauren Goldstein Crowe & Sagra Maceira de Rosen
Bloomsbury Publishing, 211 pages

I can’t say exactly what I was expecting when I bought this book. Perhaps that I would learn the inside scoop on building a design business from nothing. Or about the intricacies of shoemaking. Maybe, at least, I would learn about the man behind the now infamous shoe.  

Unfortunately, this book left me none the wiser on any of these topics. 

Tamara Mellon
In actuality, the building of the Jimmy Choo empire lies almost entirely with the Mellon family and their extensive social connections. Ironically, Mr Jimmy Choo, and the label that carries his name, had a falling out early-on leaving him absent in the overall Jimmy Choo story. Instead, at the helm is London society It girl and entrepreneur Tamara Mellon.

Dry with mini-biographies, resumes and bios (nearly reporting what they ate for lunch) the book reads much like a who-you-know of the UK and international fashion industry. The fact that one of the authors is an investment banker explains much of the rambling.

The brand with all its glitz, polish and beauty leaves in its wake failed marriages, backstabbing boardroom tactics, families torn apart....and a man having sold the rights to his own name. It seems like an intriguing tale, how the authors managed to squeeze the life out of the drama escapes me. I wish the book lived up to its title. 

In all honesty, it was a struggle to read the entire book and I let out a WHOOP WHOOP when I turned the final page. 

I will admit, one thing I learned is that some brokerage firms deal exclusively in luxury goods investing and if I cared at all about the specifics involved in the ins-and-outs of buying, selling, merging and acquiring of businesses or the nitty-gritty of back room deals and handshakes on the golf course or polo field...then I could have recommended spending hard earned money on this tome. 

Rather, I say save your dollars and buy a great pair of shoes instead!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dress of the Week: Bacciami!

I do not know which I am 
more excited about, 
 DressologyHQ's Dress of the Week... 
or the amazing website I found it on

Shabby Apple's Bacciami, approximately $88US
Tailored bodice, slightly flared skirt, boatneck & don't you just love the color and the stripe???  
And check out the affordability factor! 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Online Shopping Directory Expansion!

Have added many more shops to
DressologyHQ's ever-expanding directory. 

Some of the fab newbies include Far Fetch, Shabby Apple, Need Supply Co, Intermix Online, New Look, Stylestalker & My Wardrobe.....with many more lovlies to come....

Check out the complete list!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dress of the Week: Zimmerman

I really wanted this week's selection to be an 
animal print....I was feelin' an animal print.

This goes to show 
 Dressology HQ's Dress of the Week 
picks itself.

Check out this paisley beauty from Zimmerman...

Zimmerman Conversation T Dress, approx $310AU at

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Off the Stands—A Monthly Magazine Review

May 2011
Shop til you Drop
Harpers Bazaar

Most women are too time poor to flip through even one fashion magazine a month, let alone several. Welcome to Off the Stands, a monthly magazine review featuring reviews of a selection of fashion magazines currently on the stands.

As an avid reader, shopper and blogger, I dig through the month’s magazines and pull out the highlights—saving you time and money.

This month, three trends are reported in multiple mags— velvet making a resurgence, patterned pants are coming on strong and (my personal fave)...the color orange as  a must-have!


Leather Bottoms Abound —especially shorts!
D Capes in various forms are a MUST! Long, short, solid, patterned, simple, embellished
D Something new and fun? Go for the belted trench vest. Hip & happening!
D It's a Ruffle Revolution! Find them on tops, skirts, sleeves, hemlines...everywhere.

Shop til you Drop

D The entire May issue is dedicated to online shopping! Whoop WHOOP!
D Trend alert — the Peter Pan collar. Not sure about this one...tread carefully!
D Loungewear as daywear. Upstyled trackies & sweats? Hhmmm...
D Love the workwear section with lots of helpful how-to's for different career vibes. 
D Diggin’ the navy and kahki color combo recommendation accented with gray. 
Tres chic!

Harper's Bazaar
Sleeveless Blazer at

D Must see the delicious photo feature on the color white.
D Sleeveless blazers as a chic new alternative.
D Fashion feature on never-out-of-style stripes
D Unique color combination on trend? Cobalt and black...Joan Jett here we come!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did Somebody Say Zebra? What's Black & White &...

What is it about black and white? 

The timeless combination of ebony & ivory
survives trends & looks good 
on every skin tone.

Black & White has also inspired some pretty good kiddy jokes...

Tracy Reese Black & Ivory Tribal $349US at Revolve Clothing

JcPenney's 2-piece Floral Dress with Jacket, Approximately $60US

DVF Elalia Dress at ShopBop about $465US
Seduce Aviatrix Tunic Dress $190AU at Three Wishes
Banana Republic's BR Monogram Silk Dress, about $115US

What's Black & White & has 16 wheels?
Eight Nuns Riding Bikes!

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Dress of the Week: Darling's Pastural Paradise

Pretty as a picture! 

ModCloth brings us UK brand Darling's 
vintage-like fabulous floral and polka dot print 
in a modern wrap dress style —
and check out the perfect lace accents at the shoulder.

Did somebody say Garden Party?

ModCloth's Darling Pastural Paradise Dress, Approximately $100US

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The Versatile Blogger Award...YAY!!!

What an awesome way to start my day! 

Thank you to the gorgeous MiszAily at 
A Makeup Lover blog for finding DressologyHQ 
worthy of The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you for your kind words and your continued support. I'm grateful to all of my lovely fellow 
bloggers/followers/likers and am in awe of their talent.

Part of the Award requires revealing 7 things about myself:
1. I love my dog Josie more than I love most people.
2. I am addicted to TV show “Weeds” & can watch it 
all day, every day.
3. I would love to be able to wear ANYTHING instead of 
what (hopefully) looks best.
4. I began my professional writing career as a music writer.
5. I am a morning person.
6. I believe coffee should be in a food group of its own.
7. I find my fellow bloggers to be incredibly talented, clever & inspiring.

The final act in accepting TVB Award is to pay it forward. 
I therefore would like to award 
The Versatile Blogger Award to:

An amazingly talented artist whose posts and artwork 
always brighten my day (oh yeah....and she's my niece!)


I always come away from this blog inspired!
 And she frequently shares "Dress Crushes" 
sooooo, I'm biased!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dress of the Week: Oasis Floral Full Skirt Dress

I'm not sure what to love best about 
this week's Dress of the Week.

Is it the rich caramel-bronze color? 
The bold pattern with contrasting trim at neck- and hemline?
Maybe it's the retro feminine cut of the dress, 
nipped in at the waist, with the lovely full skirt?

Really, this dress has the whole package...

About $125US at Asos with FREE International Shipping!
Perhaps, the very best trait is the free shipping from Asos. Please, somebody buy this dress NOW!

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