Saturday, April 30, 2011

Instant Celebrity Style

Pair aviator sunglasses with the 
dress of your choice and turn ho-hum into HOT! 

Jen Aniston rockin' it out in Avi's

Ms. Walsh stylish in her sunnies

Mama Joie-Pitt workin' the look

A classic look that never fails.

RayBans rock but Urban Boundaries is the new go-to for Avi's.

Check out their hip offerings and even hipper discount at

______________________________ Why not look your best every day?


  1. For some reason I never like the way I look in aviators - despite my affection for them. :(

  2. I've never seen anyone look not-good in Avis?? Maybe you're being too hard on yourself!! Atho a friend just FBed me and said she doesn't like them cuz they get caught in her hair when she wears them on her head....What a GOOD point, right?? They totally do!! xo

  3. They look ...well... not so good on me too. Maybe it's just me. And Erika.