Thursday, March 31, 2011

Set Sail with Nautical Dresses

Let me first say, I'm not a big fan of the nautical look.
It is a style that can go very wrong, very easily. 
I shudder to think leaving home resembling
 Mrs Howell or Muffy Regatta Queen of the Seas.

About $70US ModCloth's All for Nautical Dress

 When considering the nautical look, I say
 Be Ye Warned! 
There's a fine line between looking ship-shape 
and being made to walk the plank. 

Elwood Hardline Vintage Black & White Stripe Knit Dress, $90AU at Surf Stitch

I think this collection of dresses is dreamy. 
And although they might fit loosely into a nautical theme,
 my hope is that all of you Dressologists 
make the look your own

Milly Lace-up Cotton Blend from The Outnet on sale now

Throw overboard any notion of navy blazers with gold buttons, penny loafers and straw hats.
 Instead go full speed ahead with the unexpected

Secret Squirrel Lagoon Halter Dress at BirdMotel about $185AU

Combine with fitted leather jacket, leggings, bedazzled sky-high stilettos or chunky ankle boots
You get the picture! Think Anti-Sailor Sailor...

Sexy Printed Cotton Caftan, Victoria's Secret, $59US

Zing some bold personal style into it and 
you will avoid looking like a prop on Gilligan's Island and
instead will be ready for smooth sailing ahead.

Forever 21 Navy & Gray T-shirt Dress, $17US

Kate Sylvester Fredrica Dress at Fashion Artiste $142AU

Thankfully I'm well-and-truly out of 
horrible seafaring cliches...
Ahoy, Matey.

_______________________________________ Why not look your best every day?


  1. Your dress selection is really cool. I love the Bird Motel and surf stich ones.... you are right about navy fashion, you need to be very careful how and where you wear it.

  2. love the dresses, especially the black and white

  3. Thanks you two for popping over and commenting! I just love your blogs and will be visiting again soon! xoxo