Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review: Harpers Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age

Harper’s Bazaar 
Fabulous at Every Age your Quick & Easy Guide to Fashion
Nandini D’Souza & Jenny Barnett
Hearst Books, 189 pages

I was tackled and hog-tied by insomnia last night. In no doubt due to the multiple giant MUG-o-ramas of coffee I poured down my gullet late in the day. At 213am I woke up not only bright-eyed, but relatively bushy-tailed.

My brain, however, was unable to cope with reading anything with a plot and no identifiable amount of caffeine, desperation, or cash will get me to watch JerseyTrash or Kendra and her ilk on the tube.

So, I chose from the ever-multiplying teetering stack of style and fashion books I’m working my way through. Harper’s Bazaar Fabulous at Every Age 
Your Quick & Easy Guide to Fashion.

My love for Harper’s Bazaar is long held. It was my first fashion magazine and remains one of 
my absolute favorites

I blasted through this book in a little over an hour. I examined every page but spent most of my time studying my "age category." Sadly, I didn’t learn much. I formed an idea or two for a couple outfits, but I get that from an average magazine. I wouldn't consider it a "Guide" 
or much of a How-to source.

It’s a beautiful book to look through, but unlike competing books in this genre, it is light on new information on age-appropriate style. Also disappointing is the lack of informational credits on designers or where to buy.  

Unless you are after an expensive hardback magazine, I have found more helpful books in the category of fashion and personal style. I expect more from HB.

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