Friday, March 18, 2011

ShopVu: Birdsnest

Photo: Birdsnest Logo

I found Birdsnest a few months ago and was intrigued, I had to buy something so I could honestly write about the complete online retail experience. 

The perfect excuse to shop, right?

The Birdsnest website is clever and easy to navigate. Shop by brand, color, shape, outfit, personality, occasion, and personal fave....SALE!) In fact, the home page has so many options, it could be a little overwhelming—or an adventure!

Photo: Birdsnest Website

Once inside, thumbnails are a tiny bit small but the excellent quality of the the photos work well to compensate. I also appreciate that with one-click all the detailed information on the item is available as are the enlarge and zoom features.
Firefly Dress at Birdsnest $89.95
Perhaps the best feature is at check out, up pops a screen with recommendations to complete your outfit! I bought a gorgeous Firefly dress and up popped photos for coordinating sandals, necklace and hand bag. The clever girls at Birdsnest help complete the look.

With Jag, Esprit, Wish, Metalicus, Howard Showers and many others, the diversity of brands & styles makes Birdsnest appealing to a wide range of shoppers. I didn’t see a dress for more than $300, making it a fun and affordable shop especially with the summer sale on now  For those living near Canberra, there is a shop in Cooma NSW.

Birdsnest is based in Australia, shipping globally. I ordered on Sunday, Monday was  a public holiday—I had my parcel in hand Tuesday morning! I also had a super friendly email with tracking details and a link to a return form (2 weeks) if all is not perfect. Shipping is $10.95 express within Australia, $17.95 internationally with combined postage available.
My lovely parcel, received overnight!

My gorgeous dress came in a reusable canvas bag with Birdnest logo. The girls included a handwritten note and a loyalty card entitling shoppers to a free gift once they’ve spent $500! These girls have thought of it all. 

I am a blackhearted customer service tyrant...and the Birdsnest girls have melted me. I am now a loyal, loving & completely won-over customer for life.

Because this is such a LoveFest, here are my few things I could come up with to whine about, and believe me, I had to ponder:
1. No Paypal? Maybe I missed it...
2. The Contact Us button doesn’t link  to an email. A pet peeve of mine—don’t make me copy and paste, or heaven forbid, type an email address. 
3. The link to Suppliers came up with empty page—take it down or fill it up, I say.

 Big deal, right?

 I have a feeling if the girls at Birdsnest read this, it will be fait accompli within the week. Then, Birdsnest really will be the perfect online shopping experience

4.999 out of 5


  1. I totally loved surfing their site thanks to you. But NO SIZING CHART? I don't understand clothing sites that don't have a size chart very very handy.

  2. Hi Anita, I didn't notice that — you are right! That would be an extremely helpful feature when buying online. Hopefully the girls will get one soon. I do love them and am so happy to hear you enjoy their site as well! Thanks for stopping by Dressology. Please visit again soon! Sada