Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maxi Skirt LOVE, Maxi Dress...not so much

Confession time...I loathe the maxidress. 
I cannot wait for the trend to go away. It is, in my opinion, 
the modern-day muumuu. 
There have been too many examples 
of the maxi dress worn badly for too many seasons 
and it has made me maxi-bitter.

Not every trend should be embraced by every one...

AAAhhhhhhhh......Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

That said, can I please share my unreasonable 
affection for the maxi skirt? Yes, you need some height to carry it off, but I am in love x 1million.

Aiko Drawstring Maxi about $140US from Saks Fifth Avenue
Desert Florals Maxi Skirt at Free People about $95AU

Tube Maxi Skirt by KJ Kirrily Johnston $198AU at
Rag & Bone Bequia at Saks about $511AU

The best advice I've seen on maxi skirts? 
The look already has a Woodstock vibe, 
so keep more city, less hippy. 

I think another good tip is to 
avoid solid's just too heavy. 

And unless you're approaching 6 feet tall, less than 100 pounds and often mistaken for a runway hottie, a fitted top (and if the season allows bare arms) are necessito to give the look some shape

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  1. I adore maxi skirts as welll!! But every time i wear one at school, people look at me like im some sort of medieval witch with a toad face... or something... Anyway. That wont stop me from wearing the one I got yesterday! WOOP WOOP! MAXI SKIRTSSSS

    Your friendly Blogger,

    From (my blog)>

  2. Maxi skirts are a staple of my style. I confess, I have several that are all black... But I think that works if you style it with an edgy, Goth look (as I do). But if you're not Goth, I agree: avoid the solid black maxi or you'll look Goth whether you want to or not. ;)

  3. Got the first of my maxi skirts in the post today....SO excited except now I need an fab belt....and the top I THOUGHT was gonna work is a big fat NO WAY Jose....more shopping???