Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fashion Exposed Trade Show & Trend Report

Any excuse to go to Sydney! 

Photo: Fashion Exposed
And last weekend I had a good one with the start of the Fashion Exposed trade show. 

Fashion Exposed is where retail buyers go to fill their racks for the coming season, spot trends and seek out new designers and labels.

Three days and more than 1,500 brands it was a delicious way to bring in the month of March!

I spent most of my time in the boutique trade show, Premiere. Featuring high-end labels such as American-based favorite CP Shades, French brand Lilith, and the gorgeous Spanish line Desigual, among many other well knows like Alex Perry, Tibi and True Religion.

Photo: Premiere

Even though I believe style should transcend trends...I did spot a few. There remains a nostalgic or vintage feel to style. The importance of layering continues. As for color, mid- to deep purple is a heavy-hitter, coral hasn't disappeared yet and green seems to be on the rise. Metallics are still going strong with gold winning the race. 

For more info check out the Fashion Exposed Blog. —Sada Vee

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  1. Oh...I fell in LOVE with Desigual when we were in Barcelona! We were walking by the store at night when they were closed and I told david that I HAD to go back there the next day to buy the amazing shirt in the window! I love their clothes!!