Saturday, March 12, 2011

TOP 7 REASONS to Put Makeup on and Fix Your Hair Before Leaving the House Even if You are Just Picking up the Kids from School or Going to the Store for Eggs and Milk

1. If you don’t look in the mirror this will be the day you have something big and green stuck on your front tooth.

2. You will run into your former hairdresser and he/she thinks (or says): "HA! I knew you’d be nothing without me!"
Proof that even the most beautiful women benefit from a little help...
3. You will see people you haven’t seen in years—and they will look great. You will never see them again to prove that you too can look great. Really you can...

4. Security will follow your unkempt self, because you are absolutely a shoplifting threat. 

Jessica Alba, still beautiful, just better with product.
5. It’s the first day of the rest of your life and first impressions count!

6. The rip in your sweat pants grows in proportion to the importance of the person, or persons, you see.

7. The stain on your T-shirt grows in proportion to the importance of your need to be taken seriously.
Much prefer the glam-Pam...or do we?

Inspired by earlier post, “My anti-style Moment Parts 1 & 2

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  1. Love this list...and oh how true it is! And funny! LOVE #6 especially!!

    One time a friend (Eli) and I were painting my old bedroom, when we decided to go get some food. We challenged each other to not only not change our grungy paint clothes, but to not even glance in the mirror. And of course we wouldn't even help each other with a "you got a lil' somethin' on your face right there" Nothing. We just left and went to a restaurant! So of course our waiter looks at me and recognizes me not from high school, but junior high!! AHHH!! Hi cute boy....haven't seen you in like 10 years and this is what I look like now!! A total disaster! Lesson learned...for the most part.