Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BookVu: I Love Your Style

I Love Your Style
How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style
by Amanda Brooks
Harper Collins, 2009

“Finding your personal style is really about discovering yourself.”

It’s quotes like this that make me appreciate this book. 
Author Amanda Brooks goes on to say 
there is “lots of room for experimentation along the way.” 
Oh how I love experimenting. There’s nothing like getting it right.
And if you can’t laugh at photos of yourself when you’ve gotten it terribly, terribly wrong—than what’s the point?

Currently Fashion Director for Barneys, Brooks has worked 
in the fashion industry in diverse roles for years. And as the book interestingly notes,
her unique family history played a large part in her choosing this path.

Amanda Brooks, Photo: Barneys

This book is well-written and chock-full of information to help 
readers better define personal style with simple, straightforward advice such as:

“Six Ways to Find Your Style"
1. Make Tear Sheets
2. Write Down Your Style history
3. Try a Lot of Looks
4. Constantly Ask Yourself Questions
5. Find Your Style Icons 
6. Make an Effort

Easy enough, right? And because it is written simply and cleverly—even if you are 
confident with your unique style—the advice will help to sharpen even the 
smartest fashionista's look.

Perhaps the most fascinating collection in the book is Brook's review of 
style icons through the decades from Diana Ross and Victoria Beckham to the 
more unlikely Amelia Earhart, Joan Baez and Frida Kahlo.

Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs 2009

Artist Frida Kahlo

Agyness Deyn, 2009

There is a fantastic examination of diverse styles including classic, bohemian, 
minimalist and “indefinable” styles including eclectic and street. 
The final section shows readers how to shop for basics, designer clothes and vintage.

This book is a hugely helpful and a unique read in a sea of fashion and styling guides.

It is fun to read, has amazing photos and is inspirational.
  I will keep this one in my library and happily recommend it to others 
especially those who are serious about style. It is a clever, no-pressure book that encourages individuality and a celebration of your unique self. 

It makes readers want to discover and present the next hot style icon...YOU!

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