Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Missoni Mission

What is it about Missoni?

The family-operated international fashion house has been in the industry 
since the 1950s, yet Missoni has an unconventional vibe 
different to fashion houses such as 
Christian Dior or Givenchy with similar long histories.  

Perhaps Missoni’s independent spirit is enforced by the strong familial ties 
that have enabled the company to push the boundaries 
and not be gobbled up by conglomerates.

Founding couple Ottavio and Rosita Missoni began the line with sportswear, 
expanding and evolving the label over the years.
In the late 1960s Missoni caught the attention of Vogue editors, thus 
garnering international appeal.

Missoni Founders Ottavio & Rosita
 Angela & Daughter Margherita Missoni. Photo by Stefano Guindani

It was in the late 1960s that Missoni revived the popularity of knitwear with its 
iconic multi-colored waves and zigzag designs.
Photo: Missoni Archive

Much like Missoni’s bold patterns, 
the family is unafraid of uncharted areas
delving into footwear, fragrance, and homewares over the years 
as well as becoming hoteliers.
Missoni hotels can be found in Edinburgh and Kuwait 
with Oman, Turkey and Brazil in the works for 2013-14 openings.
Missoni Hotel Kuwait
Angela Missoni

Missoni remains family-owned, with Ottavio’s daughter Angela currently acting as Creative Director having taken over from her mother in 1996. 

Although there are plenty of next-generation Missoni's available to continue the reign, speculation points to Angela's daughter and It-Girl Margherita stepping into the role next. 

It Girl Margherita
Margherita Missoni

Working to keep Missoni in the spotlight in a modern yet endlessly 
traditional manner, the Missoni house is set to partner with Target US for Fall 2011. 
The collaboration will include mens, womens, childrens and home decor.
Yesterday Twitter was ablaze with the announcement of a Missoni-for-Target bike.
Designer wheels for only $399.99US. Nice!

Missoni meets Target Angela Missoni. Photo: Elizabeth Lippmann, Vogue

The multi-hued stripes and waves that characterize Missoni remain present 
in today's collections, yet the family infuses the brand with a fresh 
and fiercely independent spirit indicative of the family's passion 
throughout the generations.

Missoni FW09

Missoni FW10
Missoni, Milan Fashion Week 2011

"Our philosophy since we went into business has been that a piece of clothing 
should be like a work of art," said Rosita Missoni in an interview 
with the New York Post in May 1978. 
"It should not be bought for a special occasion or because it's in fashion, 
but because a woman likes and feels that she could wear it forever."

The following Missoni styles and many others are currently available at Polyvore.

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