Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Go-To Bra of All Time from Lipo in a Box

Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?
When I  saw the box at my front door my heart leapt! Is that so wrong?

I sliced it open assuming it was the balance of my Asos shopping frenzy. 
But alas, it was a box of the bras I'd ordered.

Disappointed? Absolutely. Until I unwrapped the little darlings.

Anyone out there with breasts—especially big-uns—knows 
the importance of a good bra. 
They are foundation items and can, in fact, make or break a great outfit. 

Photo: Lipo in a Box Website

Known for their Spanx-like shapewear, I ordered a bodysuit 
from Lipo in a Box  a few years ago on a friend's recommendation. 
I'm not a big user of shapewear, but this brand does the job really well.

On a whim, I added a bra to the order. 

That bra was the best investment I ever made—beautiful and tough. In fact, it only recently retired into the at-home-cleaning-not-seeing-anyone section of my drawer.
"Rachel" Go2Bra, Lipo in a Box, $36US
I’ve spent thousands on bras over the years—Wacoal, Playtex, La Perla—I've tried 
them all and there is no comparison. Since discovering this brand about 
three years ago, I now order regularly. 
Fantastic support, absolute quality, comfortable, pretty and a wide selection.
Sizes run from B to DDD cup, with band sizes 32 to 44.

Convertible, strapless, matching undies and extras such as "perkies" and 
"smart cups" are available. The founder of the business, Connie Elder, has also 
written a couple books that I hope to review at some point.

"Nicole" Go2Bra, Lipo in a Box, $36US

Ordering bras online can be a bit tricky, but Lipo in a Box provides excellent sizing guidelines and a fair return/exchange policy.  

The website is well-organized, simple to navigate and the photos are excellent.
If I have one complaint, it is that at checkout, the thumbnail doesn’t show the proper color selection so I find myself repeatedly double-checking the order.

There is free US shipping for orders over $100 and flat rate of $20 for overseas.
 I received my international shipment in a week (well...8 days..but whose counting?)

I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just love a good bra. : D

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  1. Wow - I am sold! I've blown too much money on bras from Frederick's and Victoria's Secret that turn out to be uncomfortable. I might give them a try!

  2. Want! I'm not brave enough to buy bras online though. All I want is a good bra that can hold me in and up, sure as hell there aren't any in Germany. Am currently wearing a 5 pound (don't know how to make the pound sign) pair that I bought at Primark in London, very cute. It's hard to get cute bra's when you're a 36DD and don't want to pay a mortgage amount to get them.

  3. I will have to try these, I dont usually buy bras online but who knows! Thanks so so much for stopping by my blog, commenting and liking me on facebook, I just followed you via friendconnect. Follow back?

  4. Love your blog.Can we follow each other?