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Fairytales for Fashionistas & Vintage Vixens

This post began as a book review but evolved into something else once the research began. If interested in vintage fashion history or design education, this post is a must-read. About a month ago I stumbled upon a gorgeous not-for-profit used bookstore. Inside sitting on as shelf as if it knew I was coming, was this book, Dreaming of Chanel. How I didn't know about author Charlotte Smith, her two books or the fascinating story surrounding The Darnell Collection, is a mystery. But now that I know, I must share! 

BookVu: Dreaming of Chanel
Author Charlotte Smith
Illustrator Grant Cowan
Publisher HarperCollins, 292 pages

This gorgeous little book reminds me of a Hemingway novel with its breezy, vintage 
feel and dreamy stories about international diplomats, 
designers & socialites—and their clothes. 
Photo: HarperCollins
To give this book perspective requires a bit of background. 
Author Charlotte Smith inherited a vast collection of 
more than 5000 vintage pieces from her godmother Doris Darnell. 
The Darnell Collection as it’s known includes Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and 
countless other originals dating from 1790-1995. 
The Collection toured for many years with its original owner as a live “fashion talk.” 
The video below tells the story, but ends abruptly.

Author Charlotte Smith
Upon inheriting the collection, Smith found a catalogue of its history and presented this unique fashion perspective in her first book, Dreaming of Dior. 

Her second book, Dreaming of Chanel, is a follow-up that reveals additional snapshots of fashion stories that read like fairytales for fashionistas. 

Each page is a complete story, in 200 words or fewer, based on a person or an event with the clothing taking center stage. 

Grant Cowan Illustration from
Dreaming of Dior

The illustrations by Grant Cowan are undeniably amazing, and contribute greatly to this being not only a book on fashion, design and history, but also an art book.

If you are left like myself wanting to see actual photos of the collection though, pay a visit to the Darnell Collection blog for a peek. It would take years of work, but I would love to see the entire collection photographed with as much detail and information given as is available regarding designers, materials, value—online like a living gallery and design resource. So the world can see and appreciate it. 

I firmly believe a book should stand on its own and this one left me a bit confused at first, but always entertained. It was only after some research that I realized the gem I'd discovered in that little bookstore. 

This would be a lovely book club selection—seeing who selected which story as their favourite?! I can also see exquisitely fun dinner party based on its theme!

This is an absolutely enjoyable and delightful read with fascinating historical fashion value. Have a look at the blogs and video above and see if you agree.

Photo: The Darnell Collection

Photo: The Darnell Collection

1960's Pucci Shift Dress. Photo: Bertie Smith, The Darnell Collection
Vintage Chanel Suit. Photo: The Darnell Collection

Sleeve embellishment of a 1930's dress. Photo: Bertie Smith

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