Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ShopVu: BlueFly Review

In the ever-growing online shopping market, US e-tailer Bluefly is a fixture. I'd heard so much about it from friends, I thought I'd give it a go...

Photo: Bluefly Logo

Website friendliness is massively important to online shoppers. Bluefly has lots of extras that make it fun and easy to navigate.

Flyview is a handy option when considering an item. It gives you a clearer photo (although not any larger), colors, product availability and the option for more details on the item. 

The My Fly menu allows shoppers to  save items in a wish list, refer it to friends, put in a closet (not sure I get the difference between the wish list and the closet?) and check out what's in your shopping bag. 

Although, I put a number of selections in my closet, I was unable to retrieve them when I signed back in. And, I'm a very slow shopper and Bluefly moves things out of your shopping cart after 30 minutes. Having said that, my items were moved to Saved for Later section. Only fair, I suppose. But really? 30 minutes is all I get to make up my mind?

Photo: Bluefly Website

Alice + Olivia,  BCBG, Badgley Mischka, Calvin Klein, Rag & Bone is a small sample of labels carried and price ranges from affordable to the lower end of the high end. There are exceptions with designer offerings from Prada, Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen hitting the  $1-3k mark. 

Honestly, I can always find a dress, I ended up buying a cashmere sweater as I wasn't getting that must-have-it feel toward any of the more than 2000 dresses. Very unusual for me! Maybe I was in a mood. Ok, I would've like to have purchased ALL the Emilio Pucci dresses, but my budget wouldn't have it. 

I also purchased two shirts for my husband. One had a flaw, a snip in the placket. which leads me to the next section....

With so much competition in the online shopping world, the most likely reason I won't be shopping Bluefly again is the amount of money I paid for shipping. 

Granted it was an international order but I was so shocked by the shipping charges (yet committed to what I was buying), I swallowed hard and paid the $90+. This is clearly a company that offers international shipping begrudgingly

Making the situation worse, when I had to return the damaged shirt—guess who had to pay to return it? YUP...me! Out of pocket another $48 because I had to return it with tracking.  Now, in BlueFly's favour, with the refund for the shirt I also received a credit for my original $90+ shipping fee. I suppose they could've taken the cheaper way out and only paid for the return, so I'm giving them props for this.

However, with the likes of Asos and others offering free international shipping (and returns!) I will not likely be back unless and until they turn over a new leaf and offer free shipping and returns as the entire process was complicated, tedious AND expensive. Also, I don't appreciate being held hostage whereas if you accept store credit for the refund, then shipping is free?

If you are in the US, discounts, sales and USPS shipping...go for it. I can see how those living in the States would become quick & loyal FLYfans! If you're outside the US, might be better off spending your online dollars elsewhere.

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  1. omg, this sounds horrific! 90 bugs for shipping is really a bid overpriced. This might be the reason why I only buy from Asos and All Saints - both offer free international shipping :) Mostly, the items are so lovely that there is no need to return them. The only problems I ever had is buying something on ebay for a higher amount. Most international sellers don't offer returns so the only way to get rid of unsuitable clothing is to resell them. I sold an Anna Sui blouse for ... only 14 Euro - I paied 35 Euro for it :(

  2. I am definitely out of the US area so I won't shop there! I had the same problem with Revolve Clothing!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Didn't know ASOS did free international shipping - how fabulous! I'm going there right now!!!!!

  4. @Vivane, yes I was horrified and it did leave a bad taste. ARGH about the Anna Sui. I have a love/hate with ebay....it's a gamble. Sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose. That would've been painful tho!!
    @Francesca, I empathize! I couldn't get Revolve to even return an email!!
    @Kritsy, YES FREE shipping....AND returns, it's sooooo amazing!!!

    Thank you all for stopping by with your comments, they mean so much to me!