Thursday, July 7, 2011

Once I Was a Cow, but Now I'm a Dress

I have a wild love for beautiful leather. 
Leather + Dress = Perfection
Perhaps its the dreary weather, but I'm certainly on the prowl for the perfect one.
These are my faves.

Asos Asymmetrical Leather T-shirt Dress, $85US
The color of this dress is undeniably delicious and the asymmetric bodice in contrasting suede gives an already hip dress an extra funky edge. 
Best part? On sale!

French Connection Laser Cut Leather Shift Dress at Asos, $260US
French Connection always gets it right, and this leather sleeveless shift 
is no exception in creamy winter white with scallop hem 
and striking laser-cut pattern. 
As timeless as any LBD!

One more from Asos! Premium Leather Cutwork Dress in Cobalt Blue, $120US
Are you kidding me with this? It took 3+ close-up looks to believe it is leather!
The delicate all-over cutwork creates a unique pattern and the 
slight A-line silhouette is gorgeous as a dress or a tunic. 
Left the best for about that color?

YSL at Bergdorf Goodmans, $4490US
I'm never-endingly amazed by YSL. This scrumptious eggplant magenta shade,
in a perfectly seamed sheath silhouette with delightful cap sleeves? 
YSL like? Nope. It's love for sure...

To be honest, I'm not loving this option. But I cannot stop staring 
at the photo—the mood evoked by those boots alone. Wow.
Stylistic simplicity at its finest.
As for the color of this dress? Bleh.

YSL Square Neck Leather Dress at Nordstrom, $5100US
Last, but certainly NOT least is this fabulous YSL LBD!
Classic and timeless, quality and style with square neckline and cap sleeve. Fashionistas...we may just have our winner!

Which would you choose?

Disclaimer: I certainly joke and have some fun but I do hope I haven't offended any animal activists in the process with this post. I love animals, I save strays, I donate firstly and regularly to animal-saving charities. I try to do my part and draw my line where I'm most comfortable. Hope you understand. 
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  1. oo thanks ;) <3 beautiful is all dress, but the most i like first ;) is so great <3

    i fallow your blog :)

  2. I just bought the blue one!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I'm following you babe!Probably blogger is slow on letting you know!
    By the way I love the French Connection dress. Elegant and casual at the same time!But I think leather in summer is not a great match:)

  4. loving the Asos dresses. following you too, lovely!


  5. All I can say is its a WOW!!!

    I would surely chose the ASOS brown leather dress because of its unique design and the YSL eggplant magenta will also be on my lists.

    I love leather and their quality is undeniably long lasting and its worth every penny.

    Nice post dear.


  6. the blush colored leather dress is absolutely amazing!

  7. cute blog

  8. If the bod came with the dress, I'd pick the cream one - with a little hint of tan, I'd be rocking that dress! I had a black leather mini skirt back in the 80s I wore to death - ahh, memories....

  9. that blue dress is gorgeous!

    thank you for your sweet comment, darling
    come back soon!


  10. OOOOO they are all very very pretty! I really like the second and third: so gorgeous!
    PS. I'm getting ready to do a GIVEAWAY on my blog! Check it out and follow if you like my posts so that you don't miss any news!


  11. I love the first dress, the cut is gorgeous

  12. Hi hun thx for the comments :D!!! Love the asos dresses so cute, love asos!!!

    xo Emma

  13. the second dress is delicious!!! xoxo

  14. Great dresses, the first three are awesome!

  15. Purple & Blue - the colours are so amazing. But I'd choose the 1st one because it is the trendiest. =D

  16. YSL- pure perfection!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  17. oh, i LOVE the blue cobalt one!! :) hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! ps- i'm hosting a great giveaway! :)

  18. Your title made me laugh. I love the purple cow most of all!

  19. LOL...loving the title too funny doll. I would totally rock the purple one is FAB.

    <3 Marina

  20. I like French connection's clothing too :)
    great picks dear,i liked the nude and the blue one!

  21. very nice pictures:)...I love dress on the second picture

  22. @Kin: Thank you for the follow! I'm following you!!! xo

    @CC: You MADE my day. Somebody needs that dress & you will do it justice!

    @Mich: I agree, I think they're dreamy!

    @Carmen: Kisses for the follow! Summer mite be tough for leather...but maybe the odd cool day? Or save for fall!

    @Bang: So happy for the follow! Thank u!

    @Suzy: You are right. Huge difference in quality of leathers! Thanks for stopping by!

    @Socialite: The color is understated but gorgeous, isn't it? Thank u for the comment!!!

    @MrsJ:jThank you for stopping by. Will come visit you now!

    My lovely ladies, how much I adore your comments you might never know!! I am happy to read each & every one and see what you think! Thank you for taking the time!

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    @Escape: You are so welcome! Happy to c u here!

    @Daly: I'm absolutely already following darlin'. I just adore ur blog!

    @Elie: It is beautiful, isn't it?? Wish I could have them all! Thank you for coming by. I LOVE ur blog.

    @Emma: Yup, Asos is hard to beat! Thanks 4 visiting girl!

    @Raf: I love seeing who picks which dress. Happy to see you here!

    @BJoan: Hmmm, I wonder if BadJoan dabble in leather? Might need to take a quick peek!

    @Shang: Trendy=FUN! HA! You wouldn't want to pay YSL prices for something you can only wear for a season or two!! Ha! Thank you for your lovely comment!

    Thank you! THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas & opinions. I value each and every single comment! I'm grateful for your comments & your following!

  24. @Mani: Yes YSL is amazing. No comparison really. Thank you for stopping in. I'm headed over to your blog now! xo

    @Caro: headed over to ck out ur blog & givaway now, thx for the visit!

    @VicKit: Thanks girl. I can see you rockin' the YSL, you'd look amazing!

    @Marina: Highest compliment coming from you!! I think u girlies with the dark hair would work the purple one like magic!! Love it!

    @Des: They are gorgeous, aren't they? Pity to choose! Thanks girl!

    @Nik: Good choice! It's sooooo pretty!

    I love reading the comments you awesome people leave. They make my day!! Please pop by often and always be sure to leave your blog details so I can visit. I'm huge on the following thing too! You can count on me to follow back!


  25. I would choose the Asos beige! So cute!

    Thanks for the comment and im Following u! I always make a visit here! Loved the blog! : D


  26. I like your disclaimer. Because I refrain from buying leather dress.
    Nevertheless, the dresses you have shown are pretty.

  27. really like that look but I'm not brave enough to wear it myself :)
    Yes, I did change my header and the entire layout ;) Kind regards and thank you for your lovely comments!

  28. I love a cute leather dress - my fave would have to be the first one, due to the camel colour, and the simple cut

  29. the blue one!great!and the title is sooo funny:)love this post, very nice blog lady!!
    Would u come and follow mine if u like it??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u!
    kiss from Milan!

    Patchwork à Porter

  30. Awesome post dear! I loved all those dresses, but my faves were the first one and the purple one! Great job! Thanks for the lovely words over my post!
    xoxo Kiki

  31. I adore the purple YSL - i mean adore - but then i would - uber price tag - great post and thanks so much for all your lovely comments - very much appreciated xx

  32. Awesome! Love leather dress!

    Fashion Cat

  33. Hi, I loved your blog!!
    Thanks for following me!!
    I already follow you :)
    Alice Dias

  34. Those are what i was looking for!! Immediately went to ASOS, but my size are all out fo stock :(

  35. I like blu dress !!! :D

    nice blog xoxoxo

  37. omg!
    the first sentence was hard.....
    poor cow :(
    kisses babe and have a nice weekend ^^

  38. I love the blue and purple ones

  39. great blog, love your posts, I am you new follower ;)
    follow me back please...:

  40. the yellow and purple are my fave! great post!

  41. I would go for the second one! Leather is so hot!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  42. I cannot choose one in particular. I would take them all home. I love leather.

  43. We would definitely choose the first ASOS one :)
    great blog, following..maybe follow back ?

  44. I love the title of this post and the fact that you aren't scared of Peta haha. Thanks for all your sweet comments and happy Friday to you!

  45. I LOVE the cobalt blue - how incredible! :)

  46. i love every single one of these dresses

  47. I so doubt I could ever pull this off but these are stunning!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  48. Fantástica selección de vestidos!! Adorables! Me gusta tu blog!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  49. awesomee! Thanks for your comment, haha
    great post!

    check out my newest post, i just updated

  50. The 1st's the most cutting-edge. Great title of the post. xx's

  51. Hahaha at the title of this post. I love that blue dress! The colour's great and I love non-traditional leather looks.


  52. Hello hunn ^_^
    I like your blog, an I totally love this post <3 Check out my blog and if you like follow me please, cutie <3

  53. haha at the post title! i love the asos t-shirt leather dress the best. xx opinionslave

  54. Love these dresses... and ur style of writing... very amusing :)

  55. You really do have a great taste in fashion, love all the dress! xx Joice

  56. I have a black one I bought from Vince years ago - still loving it! Also love the FC one - but they shut down all their stores in LA :( Also, that BLUE ASOS number! GORGEOUS!

  57. Definitely would choose the second one- it's adorable! I love the color and the pattern.

  58. Great selection dear and amazing blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  59. pretty dresses!

  60. These are so cool! I want them ALL!


  61. I have been dying over leather dresses lately too. That blue one is gorgeous!

  62. WOW!! Look at all these comments!! woohoo! I like the boring brown one myself. moo.


  63. Beautiful photos and very beautiful looks!
    I´m your new follower, and I´d be very happy to have you as my follower too!

  64. Love the 2nd and 3rd ... they are beautiful.
    I prefer synthetic leather, so assuming they do them in synthetic I would love wearing them.

  65. I love the blue dress, it jumped out at me. So pretty.

  66. @Thai: You are so sweet to say so! Good choice!

    @Kirin: Oh my....I do hope I didn't offend you!! Happy you are understanding & appreciate the disclaim!

    @Hippie: I'm sure you'd look great. i need to stop in & ck it out again! The changes looked great.

    @jamie: I think that is my fave too....or maybe the most likely I'd wear

    @Sabrina: thank you so much!! And yes, I'm following!! See you soon!

    @Thanks Kiki: And I bet you'd look amazing in either.

    @F&F: Yes, i think that's my fave too...but the price.....ugh. So I'd go with the first most likely. Thanks for coming by. LOVE your blog!

    @Kate: Me too!! : D Nice to see you here.

    @Alice: So sweet. Thank U!

    I'm a lucky-ducky. You are my favourite people, you REALLY are! Love each & every one of your opinions and am always so excited to see you visit my blog.

  67. @LASoph: Thanks for ur support....and I kinda am afraid of PETA. But it's ok, I donate! ; P

    @Erika: Good's so fresh!!

    @Ash: I'm with you! Too tough to choose, I think!

    @Court: Nope...I think you're wrong. You'd work any of these w/style!

    @Isabel: So sorry!! I hate when that happens with my size missing!! : (

    @Kam: Excellent choice. Such an amazing color!

    @Claud: I totally agree with you. Thanks for popping by.

    @Burb: Sorry about twisted sense of humor often gets me in trouble.

    @Chloe: Both such amazing colors...and styles. Agh! Choices!

    @FAshBer: Coming over now! Thanks for the follow...

    @Mosa: Thanks so much! Lovely for you to visit & comment!

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    Thank you. THANK YOU!!! This has been so interesting to see what each of you thinks and which you would pick! I love reading your comments & cannot thank you all enough. Please visit me again soon!


  68. @Sab: Hadn't thought of that, u r right, the non-traditional looks are somehow "cooler" than the expected. Oh oh! I might have to do a rethink!

    @Coop: Thanks so much! I will pop over to visit very soon!

    @Fran: Thank U! And that does seem to be the winner so far.

    @Alba: Sweet words. Please visit again soon. I need the LOVE! xo

    @Song: Dress 1 appears to be in the lead!! Thanks for the comment!

    @Joice: Please don't stop with the flattery....I'm ALL yours!

    @StyleDil: All FCs closed in LA? I didn't know that!!? Thx 4 the info! Sux.

    @Mol: It's so pretty & delicate, isn't it? Thanks for commenting doll!

    @Sarah&Iona: I totally agree!! And thank u for the comments!!! xo

    @Meag: I find that color striking too! Someone who saw it, bought it! Yay!

    @E: Wait...the poop brown one? Rrrreeaaalllllyyyy?????

    @SabO: Absolutely following you back girl!! Thanks 4 da LUV!!

    @StyleID: I getcha on the fake leather. Totally understand. Thx for commenting darling!

    @P&P: You might have tied us up. As many votes for Dress 1 and the blue! They are both so stunning in their own ways I guess.

    How amazing this post introduced me to so many new & amazing bloggers and I was able to see what some of my faves thought. The best of all worlds and I'm LOVING you all so much for spending your important blogging time stopping by and commenting on my little ole blog. Thank you sincerely.

  69. answer:thank you so much for your lovely comment!!;D