Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopaholics Anonymous? Sign Me Up!

Ok, this time I mean it...
No more shopping!
Not until I pay off some credit cards.

I wanted to share my farewell purchases for this season.
 I used the sales as an opportunity to stock up on some winter basics. 
And satisfy my newfound affection for cashmere. 
Tell me what you think!

I've been eyeing these two cashmere beauties for months.
A bit pricey but I believe cashmere is forever...
Lucky me, on sale and in my size! Fate!

Sambag "Lucy" Long Wrap Cashmere Cardi, was $550, sale $200

Sambag "Lauren" V-neck Cashmere Sweater, sale price $92 from $260

A fellow fashion blogger featured this jacket on her site. 
I wish I could remember which blog. : (
I was captivated and went straight to TopShop.
I've been looking for this color and style for while, but nothing demanded I buy it. 

Until this beauty snagged me—especially with that asymmetrical hemline!
 Sadly, not on sale. But for a classic item I love, I think I did ok?!
Saw this on a blog and had to have. Sadly, not on sale. Top Shop $85US

Paying for my jacket at TopShop I popped over to the sales...as you do!
I found this gorgeous little suede number. 
I love the unusual but neutral color and the snap-front closure.
How would you wear this?
Suede skirt caught my attention at TopShop, sale price $30US

While shopping for a dog bed on ebay of all things, I spied this hip retro number.
Although the last thing I need is another trench, I could not pass it up for the price.
And the attitude!

How much do I love ebay? Vintage Leather Trench for $139!

Lastly are these ballet flats—an impulse buy when shopping with a friend. 
I'm not sure if it's the bow or the color...but I now find them a bit snoooZZZZZeville. 
 Teeny-tiny case of Buyer's Remorse!
But they're comfortable and timeless...and not returnable.
So hopefully I'll end up wearing them for years.

Walnut of Melbourne from $139 to $50

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  1. my favourites are that asymmetric jacket and flats. would love to own them also :P

  2. Lucky you:) I love the suede skirt!

    Fashion Cat

  3. I love the flats!


  4. love all the choises!!


  5. They are all goodies - the suede skirt i would wear with a simple silk man style shirt or even cotton x


  6. i love that topshop blazer!


  7. @Mai:Oh thank you! I was unsure about the shoes & you made me feel better! xo

    @kate: Isn't that skirt cool? I think that was a score...I'll see when it turns up tho!! You never know...

    @In: Really? I'm so surprised & seeing them in a different light now with two of you commenting on them! Thank you! You've lessened my buyers remorse!

    @A&G:So sweet! Thank you for that! And for stopping in.

    @F&F: Ooooo! Great idea. I've been struggling to see it with something and that's a great idea. Thanks for the tip!

    @Mosa: Oh me too! That was a must-have when I saw it on that (mystery) blog!!

    Thanks everyone for popping in and commenting on my ridiculous sale spending splurge. I will be visiting everyone soon to see what lovely posts you have up. I LOVE & appreciate every comment and am thankful to see each of you here.

  8. Hi sweetie, thanks for following me. I'm following you on blogloving too:)

    Fashion Cat

  9. Sada i have just received your lovely comments - they meant a lot - i wanted to thank you in person xx


  10. I love the fiats !!! Thanks for your lovely comments :)


  11. Great sweater in the first pic! I have one in brown (same style, not in cashmere tho!) and I love it! It never seems to go out of style and I love to jazz it up with scarves and/or gloves. It's so easy to justify clothing purchases when you're a fashion blogger! Will you be modeling these for us???? teehee!

  12. all of them are amazing..i don't think i would have been able to pick and choose if i were on a budget!

  13. Wow I love the Topshop jacket, expensive but worth it! I'm finding myself almost wishing it was Autumn!!! and also the first wooly cardi is cute! :) looks great with dresses and casual with jeans or leggings!

    In reply to the lovely comment you left on my blog, thank-you so much for saying you liked the new layout. It is something I struggle with - whether to keep things clean, sharp and simple to focus on my content or to make the layout funky and cool. Obviously opted for simple :) And Kenzo is amazing. My sister wears it all the time and everyone always compliments her on it! :) <3


  14. I had to laugh at all the money you saved by shopping on sale, because I do that too!! Good quality cashmere on sale is a MUST buy situation!

  15. Ahh you cracked me up with this post!! I love how you say you have buyers remorse with those pumps (I actually think they're pretty cute and VERY practical AND timeless).

    LOVE your Topshop jacket too!

    Sadie x

  16. aww thanks for your lovely comment! seriously made my day! pretty sure that silk topshop blazer was featured on rumi/fashiontoast's blog. she just wore it over a casual slip and it still looked good!

    talk soon my love!!

    xx opinionslave

  17. Shoes are amazing, so adorable and classy.


  18. Great picks girl and good luck with no shopping thing..trying that out myself!! well I'm broke so I can't even if I wanted too. LOL.

    <3 Marina

  19. Omg I need to sign up to Shopaholics anonymous too! But I love your buys :P especially the suede skirt and the flats - so cute!!


  20. I love the jacket from topshop!

    I'm now following you!

    xO Kristen

    Also, be sure to check out and enter my jewelry giveaway if you'd like. :]