Monday, March 5, 2012

Best Day....Worst Day???

I was recently faced with with 
a best day....worst day conundrum.

I discovered an amazing vintage metallic clutch buried beneath a pile of sad-looking linens at a thrift store. 

Had someone stashed it?? 
Was it hiding from some unknown fate? 
Or maybe it was waiting just for me? 
Me and my $8.
Yes, $8.

I snatched that shimmery delight out of the mess so quickly I released a giant cloud of dust, animal hair and Lord-knows-what into the air.

I had a flashback to the character from Peanuts (remember him?) With his thumb-sucking, blanket-dragging and the cloud of dirt that always surrounded him.
But I digress...

The remainder of the day was lost in the dreary doldrums of errands, but I had a glow about me—because I'd found a treasure in a pile of discarded sheets and smelly towels.

When I finally landed home I grabbed my prize and 
admired it lovingly....gorgeous, shiny, vintage chic. 
For $8. 
Best. Day. Ever.

I inspected my new beauty a bit further and found a tiny knick on the corner, 
which I choose to believe adds character.

It says: "Hey...I'm old. I made it to 2012 and now I have a new life among other cherished (and overpriced?) handbags in a closet that smells of lavender and eucalyptus
(great natural insect/mold repellants). 

Before placing my treasure in its new home I decided to sneak a peak inside as they always used such lovely coloured silk linings back in the day.

I clicked open my magic little darling—and there it was. 
Staring at me. 
Antenna twitching. Shiny shell glistening. 
A cockroach. 
He also seemed quite pleased with his new home.

Best day....Worst Day. 

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  1. Oh wow - I would have freaked out! Cockroaches are my cryptonite... Win some, lose some!

    1. Yes....mild freak out moment!! Thanks for popping by Shayla!! Good to see you. x

  2. They look wonderful! Love the Vintage touch!

  3. Yup....sans cockroach would've been even better! Ha!

  4. I know....right?? ARGGH!! Thanks for popping in!!! xo