Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tip of the Day: How to Dress Like a Mad Men Hottie

Betty, Peggy and Joan, the 
Triple-Fashion-Threat of hit TV series Mad Men.
Whose style do you most admire? 
No judgement here if it's Betty!

Here are some basic steps to creating your own personal vintage hottie look.

Tip 1
It's all about silhouette.
Are you curvy like Joan or "straighter" like Betty? It's the DressologyHQ Mantra to dress for the body you have.

For the curvaceous Joans out there, look for the styles that celebrate the flesh!

Emphasize an hourglass bod with dramatic necklines and waist detailing.

ISSA Silk Jersey at Net-a-Porter
Black Halo at Nordstrom

If you have the lithe beauty of Betty, use pattern and straight silhouettes, traditional A-line dresses or a combination thereof to showcase your assets.

Most of all...embrace the power of the flower!

Rose & Gold Floral Slip Dress at Anthropologie

ModCloth Floral Dress Delight

Hey! How'd this get in here? The Mad Men Betty Barbie Doll!
Tip 2
Keep it contemporary.

Be certain your look is modern and chic — not like one of those black-and-white Old Timey photos they take at the State Fair. 

You don't want people thinking they missed the memo for Dress Up Day at work.

Use on-trend colour and 
modern interpretations of retro patterns like polka dots & florals.

Nanette Lepore Lace Dress in Citrus at Shopbop

Milly Navy & White Silk Print Dress at Net-a-Porter

Trina Turk "Millicent" Printed Belt Dress at Nordstrom

Erdem Printed Chiffon Dress at Net-a-Porter

Lela Rose Printed Voile Dress at Net-a-Porter

And if it's Peggy's style you long to emulate, think conservative 
and you're in the Peggy Zone.

Next step? Cover up...primarily in plaids.

Modern Plaid Sheath Dress at Bloomingdales

Tip 3
Make the look yours.
Whether you go bold in colour like Joan, embrace pattern like Betty, or unite with the inner Catholic school girl of Peggy, 
a literal interpretation of Mad Men style 
is typically a no-no.

You dont want your version of Joan 
to look exactly like Joan. 
Emulate silhouettes, then make it your own 
with pattern, colour choices and accessories.

Play a little. Have Fun. 
Go Mad.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label at Net-a-Porter

Carven One-Shoulder Plaid Dress at Opening Ceremony
Contemporary Floral Dress at Asos

Metallic Jacquard Dress at JCrew

__________________________________ Why not look your best every day?


  1. Great tips! Love he style of the 50s :)

    1. Vintage style is so fun, right? Thanks for visiting! x

  2. oh my, this is way too many beautiful and perfect dresses at the same time!
    I know absolutely nothing about Mad Men but I did find several gorgeous favourites from your selection. for example the dark blue one in the beginning, the neon coloured one and additionally too many perfect floral dresses as well. awesome post, dear!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thanks M. It was a fun post to put together. Try to get your hands on the series, I bet you'd love the fashion in it. Thank you too for your comments. xo

  3. So many beautiful dress but the Floral Asos one really caught my eye! Also great tips :) Knowing what suits your shape is all part of mastering 'the dress'


  4. Thanks so much H! I like that dress as well. It would look good on just about anyone, and I love that kind of dress! Ha! Thanks so much for the comment. See you soon, S

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