Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Glass Dress Chronicle

A dress made entirely of sea glass. 
Isn't it perfectly gorgeous?

Steven Beardsell

and it got me thinking—are there more 
stunning glass creations out there?
Here's what I found...

Diana Dias Leao at Designers at Designers Block

Wearable Art Glass Dress at Bloch Studio

Glass Dress in the Royal Theatre of the Queen Mary 2

Anderson Glass Dress 

Another Gorgeous Creation from Diana Dias-Leao

Glass Creation by Helmer

Beach Glass Dress

What do you think? 
Have you ever seen a glass dress?
Would you wear a dress made of glass?

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  1. wow hat first image is breathtaking! i can't imagine how long it took/how much labor it took to collect all those pieces of sea glass to make the dress!

    xx rae


  2. Hi sweetheart, thanks for your lovely comments, it really made my day :) Mygosh, I've never seen glass dresses before, truly a magnificent art form, I wonder how comfortable they are? I think they will be well suited to singers and performers who want to make a bold statement. The turquoise one is amazing!

  3. Totally beautiful, really amazing and I've never seen anything like that before!
    If you have a free moment I would so appreciate if you could check out my new post!

    The Urban Umbrella


    1. wow these are masterpieces of art, really exceptional beautiful! it seems they came out from an magical fashion fairytale;)
      love and kiss,mary

  4. Almost all these dresses remind me of my Uni time! we had to do all kind of dresses like that from glass, to paper, plastic, shells, etc... I love them! I don;t think my body can pull such style but it's fun! Love the sea glass dress.

  5. I like so much what you are doing here.

  6. These are really interesting and amazing, but I would cut myself in it, for sure :).

  7. I have to say most of those dresses look pretty scary and I wouldn't wear those since I like stronger things, hehe. but some look beautiful, for an example the first one :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Wow, these are beautiful! No, I wouldn't wear one...I'm far too clumsy!

  9. I don't think I could ever manage to wear these...and honestly, the ones with scanty coverage are a little awkward to me. I think it's hard to draw the line between tacky and creative sometimes! But I love the white dress in the middle, the one by Helmer--I'd give that a whirl!

    <3 Cambria

  10. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


  11. Those dresses are stunning, and so creative! I would love to wear a glass dress, but I would be a little terrified of breaking it... xox


  12. oh my goodness...dresses made out of sea glass sound incredible! I love all the beautiful and intricate designs that have been created from it. I'd definitely love to wear one but I think I could break it very easily. Plus if it does you'd cut yourself!


  13. I love clothes made of unusual materials! I probably wouldn't wear them in everyday life, but they look amazing! nukleopatra xx