Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebrity Style Sienna Miller Vintage Vixen

Because it ordinarily takes a team of professionals 
helping celebrities look as amazing as they do, 
I find the personal every day style much more interesting.

Here's Sienna Miller out in London 
looking stunning in a vintage dress.
Photo: StyleSpot, Sienna Miller wearing vintage 

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  1. I love her dress! It's lovely and romantic don't you think?

  2. wow, is this a newer picture? I loved Sienna when she used to dress in vintage and as a boho chick. I didn't like her sleek look and her twenty8twelve stuff, but I totally love love love her as a 70's babe :)

  3. love sienna!!!

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  4. @Francesca: Yes, it is romantic. I just love how she looks in this!

    @Vivane: Yes, supposedly it was taken over the weekend? I agree with you she did used to have a more individual boho look, I'm guessing she did this on her own sans stylist??

    Kiran & Laura: thank you both for popping over and commenting. I will be sure to return the love!xo

  5. adorable dress, really nice to see her 'out' of that boho look. I ADORE boho but its ok to 'change' every once in a while.

  6. Yes, it is nice that the dress is fitted and we get to see her shape! Thanks for popping over!! xo

  7. Nice to see a celeb in vintage. I never would have known.