Thursday, June 2, 2011

Global Retail Rents—Top 20 Cities—Surprised?

Although not surprised New York retail is a premium, 
retail rents around the world were a bit different 
than most people might expect.
See what you think...
Shopping in NYC. Photo: Exploring Monkey

Most Expensive Retail Rent Markets*

Number 10 on the list, Melbourne Australia. Photo: The Age
1. New York
2. Hong Kong
3. Sydney
4. London
5. Zurich
6. Tokyo
7. Paris
8. Brisbane
9. Moscow
10. Melbourne

Living in Australia at the moment, I'm none-too-proud 
that THREE of 10 the most expensive cities are in OZ! 
Yet another reason online shopping is sweeping the nation. Although you might successfully surmise 
some of the cities on the list, I wonder 
how many would get the order correct.
Here are the next 10.

11. Guangzhou
12. Los Angeles
13. Milan
14. Munich
15. Chicago
16. Singapore
17. Rome
18. Beijing
19. Frankfurt
20. Shanghai
Mall in Beijing, China. Photo: Tree Hugger
Three cities in China mixing it up with Milan & Rome— 
and Los Angeles rent cheaper than Moscow? 
It's an ever-changing world out there. 

*Research by CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) as reported by RagTrader

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  1. I thought Tokyo would be higher up the list, but I'm not surprised Australia is up there. Every time I go back home for a visit I'm horrified at how much things are in Australia now. It says a lot that I can buy groceries cheaper in London than I can in Adelaide! And clothes are so expensive at home too. When did Cotton On tshirts start pushing $AUD40? Madness.

  2. I live in London and yep, EVERYTHING here is super expensive :( I'm surprised Sydney's retail rent is more expensive than London though!

  3. I live in Rome and........ I hate this city!!!
    I love LA or DC!

  4. I love LA!I am your new follower,I would really appreciate if you could check out my blog as well and follow me,thanks!

  5. WOW...that's crazy expensive.. I love this sort of informative posts. Thx for the info.


  6. Wow - makes you think twice about shopping in certain areas - the prices must be really jacked up to cover the overhead!

  7. you have nice blog!
    I follow you!
    do you follow me?
    kiss from Italy!

  8. Thank you for all of your interesting comments...this really brought up some fascinating issues.

    @Kristy, yes it's a rarity I buy within AU, isn't that sad? But when I can get 4 tees inc ship for 1 Myer te, well....I'm going for the savings. We are so expensive here!

    @Vanessa: It is surprising to be more expensive than London, doesn't seem logical but things here are ridiculous in price! It's no wonder so many Aussies are shopping online!

    @Francesca: Do not tell me you hate Rome?! Why oh why???!! Altho I'm with you on LA, I miss it there terribly! : (

    @ Marina: Thank you for your comment and your unbelievable support!

    @Lydia: It does make you think twice! it's also why I'm such a fan of online shopping!

    Instyle&Dorato: will pop over and check out your blogs!