Thursday, June 30, 2011

Et tu, ETRO?

Etro is one of those labels that flies under the radar.
A theme contradictory to their bold design style.

Founder Gimmo Etro established the Etro label in 1968.  
As a leading designer of high-end textiles, Etro supplied couture houses including Armani & Lacroix before 
expanding into ready-to-wear in the 1990s. 
The Etro Family
Today Etro remains a family run business 
upholding its well-earned reputation for 
rich colorful fabrics, wild prints & signature bohemian style.

Love it or hate it. Where do you stand?

Printed Stretch Silk Dress at Net-a-Porter

Silk Patterned Dress at My Theresa
Sleeveless Panelled Dress at FarFetch

Silk Dress with Ruching at MyTheresa

Floral Print Stretch Twill Coat at Net-a-Porter

Ethnic Pattern Shift Dress at MyTheresa
Paisley Print Long Dress at FarFetch

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  1. Love it!! Their stuff is so unique. :) Its reminiscent of Missoni!

  2. I so hate it! asked. :)

  3. the last paisley one is gorgeous!

  4. I'm following you now!!! :)

    xoxo Kami

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comments x
    I love this Etro post,these garments are gorgeuos I love these patterns and prints, so inspirin x
    Following your blog,hope you enjoyed my blog too x
    Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Thanks for following back! Look forward to your next fashionista post!
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  7. thanks for your lovely comments :)
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  8. I am quite a fan esp in summer - i think with the current popularity of ethnic print and colour they are about to see a bit return to mainstream popularity. Btw thanks so much for your great comments - really made me smile and will def be following you back! x

  9. I really love this pics, great post! This printed dress are really cute!
    Thank you for your kind words!
    Come back soon, I'll be wainting you!

  10. I actually love these prints, especially on the blue dress. It loks very unique. Thank you for your comments.
    Ask Erena

  11. They are quite unique,but some of them do look like costumes, I wouldn't mind wearing the second one , though:)

  12. The fourth one is cute! following you dear! xx Joice

  13. i love the sleevless dress!wooow!so beautiful.great brand,it's so beautiful that it still is a family business :)

  14. I love them all...I happen to love bold prints and colors. I'll definitely consider these dress to put in my wardrobe.

    By the way, thank you for the lovely comment about my blog.

    i'm following you.Pls follow me too.

    You have such a great blog.



  15. Thank you!
    Ohh this dresses is amazing!
    kisses x

  16. definitely love it!!! I like etro a lot!

  17. Absolutely love these dresses!
    Fabulous post, darling!


  18. following you back! always loved the house of etro--nobody handles prints like they do. great looks from them!


  19. hi! :) thanks for the blog visit. :) very nice collection! of course, i always follow back! :)

  20. The last dress is just stunning - love it! :)

  21. I have long been an ardent fan of all things "Etro" so much so our firstborn, regardless of gender was apt to be named after the fashion house. I especially adore their hidden details which are a private luxury far from envious eyes: waistbands lined in aqua paisleys; hems turned up with fuchsia

  22. that last dress is super amazing, fantastic!

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  24. thanks for your comment dear,
    and I fell for the fourth dress, that one is so beautiful! that print and colours are made for me :)

  25. Personally, it's not my style but I do appreciate the intricacy of the prints and think it could make for a very fashionable look!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  26. Oh I LOVE all these dresses!! Super cute! The last one is my favorite and I would totally wear! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog as I am having fun seeing yours!!! You've got a new follower! Happy holiday weekend!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  27. thanks for following me,dear :D

    and i love the last dress gorgeous :)

  28. Those are gorgeous patterns!! Thanks for the lovely comment :)

    Following you now :) ~Pau

  29. I love the third one! It would definitely take a stylish mama to pull them off!

  30. Whoa those are beautiful and unique dresses! The 3rd one is my fav ;)

    thanks for commenting on my blog btw!

    xo G

  31. We also like ETRO!

  32. Cool looks!

  33. Definitely love it! The prints are so fun and love that it is a family business!

  34. Hii, thx for stopping by my blog!!! Lovely pics, love the Sleeveless Panelled Dress!!! U said you were following but it doesn't show up, Following U now!!! Please make sure to click the follow button!!! :D

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  37. hey dear :D I loved reading this post, it was awesomely interesting and I love your picks.... especially the first one!

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  38. Love these clothes!!!especially the second!!!
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  39. Hi Sada!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    I love Etro clothes! Such bright, vibrant patterns! Very nice collection!

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    Thank you in advance:)
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  40. oh i need that paisley maxi asap :) cute blog!

  41. Beautiful dresses. Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  42. I am actually obsessed with it all.. ALthough the prints remind me of Anna Sui and Missoni but it is still great...

    All the best, Angel

  43. The last one is gorgeous!

    Fashion Cat

  44. I love the blue dress and the last one! They're gorgeous!

    I left you four awards on my blog, come to get them!


  45. I really like the blue dress. It is bold without going overboard. The other ones are fascinating and very cool, but I don't know if I would be brave enough to wear them. Yeah, call me chicken! Anyway, love your blog, as always!


  46. some of these prints are quite wearable but others im not really into.

    -fb X

  47. etro really does some awesome stuff -more art then clothing, isn't it?

  48. @MalinNY: Yes, i think i like Etro cuz it reminds me of Missoni!

    @AnnV: TOO funny. It's ok, leaves more Etro for me!

    @Oomph: The last one is so flowy, it's my fave til I look at another one! ha!

    @Kam: Following you back. Thank u so much for the support!

    @Kayleigh: Too Kind! I'm absolutely following!!

    @Sofie: Yes, let's!!!!
    Thank you all so much for visiting & for your comments! So sweet!


  49. @F&F: So happy you visited. I LOVE your blog! Good point about ethnic prints & popularity it explains why we're seeing more of this pattern rage!

    @Erena: I love seeing which one people select as their fave. I love them all, but yes, the blue is certainly gorgeous!

    @Isabel: I might be worried you'd have to rename your blog if you really loved all the Etro?! Ha! They are hardly understated! Thank u for stopping in!

    @Joice: Aren't you lovely! Thank you so much!

    @Fab: I do love the prints! it's tough for me to like solids actually?!

    @Desp: Yes, I do love that it remains a family biz.

    I love reading all of your individual opinions on this post. I'm so interested in seeing what you think! Thank you for taking the timeI I hope to see you all again soon!

  50. @Suzy: I'm following you & your lovely blog! Thank you for ur comment!

    @Paulyne & Francesca: Yes, i think Etro is pretty special too! They do an amazing print!

    @CC: Thank you!!!

    @Francesca: Yes, i understand they were making menswear about 10 years before womens apparel? Unless of course he loves the dresses, which is cool too!

    @Eden: thank you! And thank you for the follow! I'm returning the luv!

    @Carina: Thank you for the comment! Glad to have you here.

    @Erika: yes, I think the gown might be the post fave...if i put it to a vote!

    @Annie: what a lovely & thoughtful post! And to think you named your child, how gorgeous! I'm long past due a visit to your insightful & intelligent blog. See you soon!

    @Wynne: I thnk that's the popular favourite! It is striking, isn't it?

    @Kass: Yes, following! thank u for following me!

    @stylehis; and from what I've seen, you'd look AMAZING in any of them!

    @Courtney: They certainly are flamboyant! I do agree. I'd have to be having a pretty amazing hair/body/makeup day!! ha!

    @Mrs C: The last one is certainly a comment favourite. It's yummy!

    LOVE your comments. I'm humbled by them all and all of your opinions are valued here! Thank you for visiting it means so much.

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    @BadJoan: Yes, i LOVE the family biz aspect of Etro as well! Thanks Joan!

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    @Angel: Yes, def has Missoni feel who I LUV (see Missoni post) and your right, I hadn't considered Anna Sui! Nice comparison! Thank u for the comment!

    @Kate: I think we have a winner in that one! Even those that don't dig Etro seem to love it! Thank u for visiting!

    You guys are the best of the BEST. Loved reading EVERY comment!!! Hope to see you all again soon.


  52. @Chanel: I'm so glad you like them. You have such great taste as I've seen on your blog!

    @Marta: That is the favorite, isn't it? You know I read your comment earlier but did not see the award?! Im so honoured! Thank you so very much!!

    @Daly: Yes, you're right. It's a "brave" line but I think you could pull it off!! Thanks for stopping by, love seeing you here!!

    @fashbuk: So funny and true! It certainly is a subjective thing, isn't it?

    @viv: You are SO right. Absolutely art as fashion. Thank you for that comment!

    I'm humbled by your comments & your honest opinions. I love this forum and the freedom it allows everyone to have their say. Thank you for taking your precious time to come here and share what you think! It's an honour to have you!