Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unexpected *SALE* Haul

Shopping locally for me is pricey and I rarely 
find things I love for prices I'm willing to pay.  
Instead, I stock up when traveling, on trips home to LA, 
and I'm a Master Online Shopper.
Really. I could win awards.

So when sprinting through my local mall doing errands, 
a clearance sign tucked into the back of a department store was a siren call. 
They tried their best to camouflage it, disguise its wares and keep it from the prying eyes of potential shoppers—but my eagle eye for sales, 
my sniffer of discounts led me straight in!

I cannot do the math for how much these pieces were reduced. 
It was 50% off of 50% with an additional 75%.
Any mathematicians out there? All I know is...Whoop! Whoop!
I'm a terrible photographer, but trust me...these rings are to die for. 
A triangle-shaped blue lapis stone (reflection!), 
a blue-ish grey round glass stone with intricate band, 
and the ring furthest to the right is a rose carved in matt black stone set in sterling. 
Each ring was $5AU or less and although my photos suck, 
I'm beyond thrilled with the yummy quality.

Here are the necklaces I scored:

The stones on the two outside necklaces are a smoky quartz. 
They are similar to each other and I couldn't decide, 
the price convinced me to buy both! 
The center necklace has a bronze finish with deco vintage-inspired glass beadwork. 
I likely would've paid full price for this, but to pick it up for $10—I'm still in awe!
 The grand total for all six pieces? 
I got change from a $50?!

Giddy with my new purchases I texted my man who said: 
  What? I'm there...

Those of you who are kind enough to visit my blog may know I'm a sucker for books. 
We nearly filled a trolley with our finds, we bought so many in this 80% off haul!! 
For anyone who buys books in Australia, you know how special this is. 
These are the fash-related babies I scored.
Aren't they fab?
 Look for upcoming reviews!

Last but NOT least:

Can you believe it? I picked these up for $3 each?! 
This was the best unexpected sale haul EVER! 
A late birthday present, or an early Xmas.
Either way....I love it!

What do you think? How did I do?
What's your favourite *uber-sale* find?
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  1. Love, love, love the jewellery - where did you get it from (or did you put that in your blog and I was scrolling too fast so I could see the other good stuff you bought?)?

    My best find was from Burlington Coat Outlet in MI. A pea green Perry Ellis trench with a flowery lining marked down from the already marked down price of $US289, to the final price of US$12.87. Yes, $12.87. I wear it all the time.

  2. love the jewellery you find! evrything's soo cute!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. love the last necklace on the right and all the books you bought! xoxo

  4. Wow, love all these finds. Total sucker for books too and they look great! Very jealous.

  5. Excellent score! You gave me a chuckle as I also have built in "Sale Sign Radar" I love a good sale - and the necklaces are stunning!!! Some people like the rush of riding roller coasters, me - I'll take a good sale any day and get a bigger thrill ride!

  6. OMG!! What steals you had!!! I love every bit, especially those necklaces. I am envious, ahaha.

    I love a good sale and discount and back home I too knew where to sniff out a bargain. People would ask me 'I am going to a party and need...' and I would direct them to the perfect shop! (I shoulda charged for this ahahah). Here in NZ it is even worse than Oz. I get excited in Oz!!! So the internet is my saviour!

    Sadie x

    ~ http://whatsadiedid.blogspot.com/2011/06/very-first-giveaway.html ~

  7. love love love the rings! great blog
    If u want we can follow each other!


  8. These accessories are cool.I love stones and gems at the moment x
    I have that book- The fashion book! Its fab! My lovely boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday!

  9. Loving those necklaces!!


  10. Coco Before Chanel and Factory Girl are two of my favorite movies! What a deal!


  11. thanks so much sweety :D
    I follow back <3
    Hope to see you soon!

  12. cool!!!
    i love the rings and the films ^^
    i was yesterday in sales, and i found a turban that make my crazy!!! ^^

  13. Amazing post!!!
    Love all those rings!


  14. Wow, all the rings are fantastic. And I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the necklaces! So gorgeous! You lucky thing, I can never find good sales like that!



  15. Such great necklaces - so unique!


  16. I'm not sure anyone ever comes back to check on comments, but I still want to say THANK YOU to all of your for taking the time to pop over. Kristy, go figure Myer at Elizabeth...ha ha! We think it's cuz most Elizabethans don't read or care about what they look like. is that mean? Oh well. It's true. xo

    THank you all SO much from the bottom of my heart (kinda where my fancy new necklace falls)!!!