Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MUST READ Blog Posts! TOP 3!

Like many of you out there, I read and follow a lot of blogs. There are so many talented & dedicated bloggers working hard and doing an amazing job. Sometimes when I come across motivational or inspiring posts, like I did today, I want to spread the word and tell everyone, you MUST read this!

That's how I feel about these posts—all for different reasons. Take the time to check them out. I think you'll be happy that you did.* 

Blogger Extraordinaire Lydia posted a wonderful and heartfelt editorial on fashion and personal style and as a bonus, she lists some of the BEST shopping rules I've ever read. MUST read!

Useful tips and examples with helpful photos, all with humour and style!

Photo by Elien, courtesy of Shark Attack
I just discovered this fashion blog and am so happy I did. This video awesome.
 It's in Dutch so I didn't understand a word, but it was great to watch nonetheless. 
Blogger Krizia has additional posts (in English) for details on the event. 
Great for a giggle!

*please don't think for a moment these are the ONLY posts I am inspired by today, there are soooooo many others, but these are simply the ones I felt compelled to share! : )
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  1. I saw all of the 3 and I totally agree with you!!!

  2. Aww, that so sweet of you!
    Thank you so much!

    x Krizia

  3. I really like Shark Attack! :D x

  4. Definitely inspirational :) You have a fab blog girlie!

  5. What a great idea to share interesting posts, I love it!! :)

    Thanks for your rain apology, much appreciated ;)
    Hopefully it's stopped by now?!?!
    Whereabouts in AU are you? :)

    Sadie x