Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Your Granny's Crochet Project!

Growing up I was fortunate enough 
to have my fair share of hand crocheted 
scarves, dresses, tops and capes. 
In fact, my grandmother taught me how to crochet...twice.
My mother once. 
It didn't stick. 
So revisiting this hot trend today, well, 
it's right up my yarn store!

New Romantics Crochet Variety Dress at Free People, $250
Same deal as above but in, right?

The options are so diverse at the moment, there is 
something out there for everyone. There are also warnings that come with crocheted clothing.

People Tree Crochet Dress at Asos, $240US
First, beware overdoing the hippie look. 
It works well to throw in something a bit edgy or modern—style it with contemporary accessories and shoes.  

Second, beware excessive or unintended exposure 
(the dreaded nip-slip). A sexy camisole or slip 
goes a long way with crochet work!

Lastly, make sure it fits...too small and you can look like a sausage roll, too big and you might look like you're channeling a long-gone 60s rock star.

Fair Harven Crochet Dress from General Pant Co, approximately $150US
Heirloom Dress from Funktional at Need Supply Co, $173US

If it's all a bit too much, go for something like 
the above look from Need Supply—a less committed, 
but completely hip version. 
Or opt for a simple crochet trim or accent like below.

Twist & Tango Crochet Insert Cami Dress at Asos, $120US

If your really lucky, you paid attention when 
someone taught you how to crochet and you can 
whip up your own perfect one-of-a-kind ensemble. 

But, if you're anything like me, you'll need to suffice with spending your hard-earned dollars on one of these darlings.

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  1. Love these crochet dresses! I have a few crochet tops and such that I adore.

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  2. I have never tried to learn but my aunt is very good at it! I like your picks!!!

  3. I recently bought a white free people crochet mini dress on asos and I'm always aware not to overdo the hippie look - I always wear it with a slip underneath, combine it with a denim shirt and simpe ballet flats. tara ;)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the piece from Need Supply. Crochet is such a gorgeous look for summer! :)

  5. Who would have thought crochet would ever be cool?

  6. I LOVE crochet dresses! and thats funny you mention teaching, my grandmother AND my mother both tried, totally failed. I will do it in one day then completely forget the next!

    Miss Neira

  7. hey dear!! one more award for you at my blog! hope you like it ;)
    love your blog!

  8. I love crochet clothing, too! The black dress is awesome, as is the figure-hugging white one. My sister crochets and she said she would teach me, but she lives far away. :( Someday I will learn!!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  9. Oh how I wished I paid attention when I was taught how to crochet - it was such a bore I couldn't wait to get out of the house~ but I love crochet dresses - they are so feminine!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  10. I love this post! So fun, with good tips, and lots of great clothes!


  11. All of your are so kind to respond! You made me laugh and smile with your ideas & thoughts on crocheting. I'm so happy to hear that I wasn't alone in the failure-to-launch my crocheting career!!
    Love to you all for your support, It means the world!